Oksana Vinnichenko


Oksana Vinnichenko is a self-taught Ukrainian artist who discovered her talent in 2019 and quickly developed a true-to-life painting style that she wants to share with the world.

"I find inspiration for my artwork in what surrounds me; the beauty of nature is my biggest inspiration. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by flowers. I remember how back in the day, my grandmother’s garden was full of flowering plants. I could smell them as I ran by. I will never forget their beauty. Those memories inspire me and still lighten my mood today. I have always wanted to express my feelings, but I haven’t found the right words to show the world my taste for natural beauty. Therefore, I have started to pour my heart and soul into my paintings - to convey my emotions. I create realistic botanical paintings, focusing on details and subtle undertones, paying special attention to elements that will easily be overlooked."

Oksana Vinnichenko currently lives and works in Gdansk, Poland.

Selected Works

Joanna by Oksana Vinnichenko


Paintings - 40x40 cm
Orange Sunset by Oksana Vinnichenko

Orange Sunset

Paintings - 90x90 cm
Hidden Beauty III by Oksana Vinnichenko

Hidden Beauty III

Paintings - 90x90 cm
Hidden Beaty IV by Oksana Vinnichenko

Hidden Beaty IV

Paintings - 60x60 cm
Fragile X by Oksana Vinnichenko

Fragile X

Paintings - 100x80 cm
Vanessa by Oksana Vinnichenko


Paintings - 90x90 cm
Amelia by Oksana Vinnichenko


Paintings - 60x60 cm
Coral Sunset by Oksana Vinnichenko

Coral Sunset

Paintings - 90x90 cm
Secret Garden by Oksana Vinnichenko

Secret Garden

Paintings - 60x50 cm
Fragile VIII by Oksana Vinnichenko

Fragile VIII

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Fragile IX

Paintings - 90x90 cm

Fragile XI

Paintings - 100x70 cm

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