Barbara Petit Lisy


Barbara Petit Lisy is a painter, illustrator and author. Since childhood, writing and painting have been her preferred means of expressing herself freely and satisfying her quest for meaning and beauty. Having chosen to devote her life to art and thought, she trained in painting, literature, publishing and cultural journalism.

These cross-disciplinary skills have led her to write regularly for the magazine "Pratique des Arts". Solicited by the Mango publishing house for her pedagogy, she wrote "Le Pastel facile" and "L'acrylique facile". Committed, she illustrates for LGBT people "Ton Album arc-en-ciel", the first birth album for homoparental families available in France. Recently, a more intimate illustrated story, "Le Voyage d'Albina", gives voice to a strong and independent woman.

A member of the Taylor Foundation, the Salon d'automne, the Association des amis d'André Derain, the Art Can org and the Association des peintres de plein air, she is the recipient of numerous painting prizes (Marin prize, figurative painting prize, etc.). Invited in residence in Russia, Belarus, Spain and Quebec, she regularly exhibits in France, Japan, China and Russia.

Selected Works

Secrets de filles by Barbara Petit Lisy

Secrets de filles

Paintings - 61x38 cm
La promesse de l'aube by Barbara Petit Lisy

La promesse de l'aube

Paintings - 73x92 cm
Just a kiss by Barbara Petit Lisy

Just a kiss

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Summertime by Barbara Petit Lisy


Paintings - 89x116 cm
Frère et soeur by Barbara Petit Lisy

Frère et soeur

Paintings - 20x20 cm
La visite des lapins by Barbara Petit Lisy

La visite des lapins

Paintings - 40x40 cm
Suzie en balade by Barbara Petit Lisy

Suzie en balade

Paintings - 73x54 cm
Mon rêve familier by Barbara Petit Lisy

Mon rêve familier

Paintings - 35x27 cm
Le songe by Barbara Petit Lisy

Le songe

Paintings - 55x46 cm
Whatever together by Barbara Petit Lisy

Whatever together

Paintings - 27x41 cm

En effeuillant la marguerite

Paintings - 73x50 cm

The mess whe're in

Paintings - 15x15 cm

La belle Gisèle

Paintings - 50x65 cm

Jeune femme endormie

Paintings - 46x61 cm

Composition au féminin

Paintings - 46x38 cm

Alice au pays des merveilles

Paintings - 33x24 cm

Avec Steve le chien

Paintings - 61x50 cm

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