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      Natacha Bisarre


      Natacha Bisarre is an emerging visual artist living and working in London, who's artistic career started as a dance artist, working primarily with contemporary dance companies, circus companies, street dance companies and the Royal Opera House. Natacha’s work is heavily influenced by her experience as a dancer, whereby movement and colour feature most prominently. Her work explores the human condition and its multi-layered wonders and contradictions, often inspired by unresolved thoughts and questions around human behaviour.

      Natacha Bisarre’s processes

      Natacha’s processes are playful and explorative. Watercolours, inks, and fluid acrylics feature mostly in her work due to their intrinsic flowing qualities which lend themselves to more naturalistic shapes and movement.

      “Playing with fluid materials allows me to have ‘conversations’ with my work, responding to them as much as to my own impulses and ideas. The final layers of my paintings often include finer lines and markings which I find are essential to my pieces and are almost ceremonial to me in illustrating how everything we experience as humans is connected, whether we are conscious of it or not."

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