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Michelle Heron

Michelle Heron is an urban landscape painter from Norfolk.
Her paintings immortalise threatened independent shops or abandoned subjects on suburban streets.
Her works have been hailed as “the future of art” by The Guardian.

Using paint to explore the overlooked and abandoned, British artist Michelle Heron immortalises the many threatened independent stores that make our high streets what they are. Michelle's figurative paintings take viewers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, documenting the many distinct shop fronts, greasy spoons, and launderettes of bygone eras.

Michelle Heron’s Style and Inspiration

Influenced by iconic realists Edward Hopper and George Shaw, Michelle approaches her work with a sensitive use of colour and light to capture the mood and feel of everyday scenes. She maintains an incredibly human touch in her urban works, combining style, technique, and feeling to give life to her locations.

Awards and Exhibitions

Shortlists include The Lynn Painter-Stainers' Prize (2016), the 157th Society of Women Artists Annual Open Exhibition (2018), The National Open Art Competition (2016), The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2017), Jackson's Painting Prize (2020), and ING Discerning Eye (2020). Michelle was a finalist for Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year in 2018 and twice for The John Ruskin Prize in 2016 and 2019. The Guardian and Londonist.com have featured her work. Michelle has painted live at the Olympic Park in front of over 15,000 people and raised £40,000+ for charity through several permanent and temporary outdoor installations – including inside Paddington Station, London. Michelle has a degree in Fine Art.

Selected Works

Woolies (Margate), 1916 - 2008

Paintings - 51x61 cm

William Gee Ltd, 1906 -

Paintings - 51x76 cm

Electric Cinema, Portobello

Paintings - 26x21 cm

Reckless Records, London

Paintings - 26x21 cm

In Pausa 1

Paintings - 21x26 cm

Beautiful Laundrette

Paintings - 13x18 cm

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