Maddie Webb


Maddie studied an Arts Foundation course then graduated with a BA (Hons) before completing a PGCE in Art & design and spending many years in Arts Education and shaping the young minds of the future. Maddie returned to education again in 2022 to focus on her own creative journey and is currently studying an MA in Fine Art.

Maddie’s unique and multi-layered paintings in acrylic and oil paints are evocative of the vibrant land, sky and seascapes which inspire her. Originally from Scotland she was brought up in a beautiful area by the coast. Maddie’s childhood was largely spent by the sea; memories of beach walks, foraging in rock pools and countless holidays exploring the wilds of the highlands inspire her creative process.

Travel also plays a key role in Maddie’s practice and her paintings become a visual journey of these many wonderful experiences.

Selected Works

Nebulous by Maddie Webb


Paintings - 61x76 cm
Biscotti by Maddie Webb


Paintings - 46x61 cm
Shards by Maddie Webb


Paintings - 51x40 cm
Shifting Tectonics by Maddie Webb

Shifting Tectonics

Paintings - 51x61 cm
Landmass of Light by Maddie Webb

Landmass of Light

Paintings - 51x51 cm
Rushing Pool by Maddie Webb

Rushing Pool

Paintings - 61x76 cm
Igneous Formations by Maddie Webb

Igneous Formations

Paintings - 51x40 cm

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