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        Alexander Haywood


        Alexander’s practice explores the liminal space between the real and the imagined, infusing the outer landscape with subjective inner perceptions. He uses paint to reflect an “oceanic feeling” or serene state of being, with the hope of transporting the viewer into the same internal space. By combining figurative and abstract elements, he addresses the boundary between the familiar and the unknown, expressing both what is unique to his own psyche and universal to the human condition. Through his use of perspective, attention to detail and the expressive application of paint, Alexander aims to create an intimate and immersive experience, with the intention of dissolving the separation between subject and object, the image and the viewer.

        Alexander Haywood (b.1992, London, UK) graduated in 2016 from The University of Edinburgh with a Bachelors degree (with Honours) in Fine Art, and after residing in Berlin for several years is now undertaking MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. His work has been exhibited internationally, including Michael Reid Berlin, Goethe University Frankfurt, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Rea! Art Fair Milan, and The Oxo Tower London.

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