Broughton and Birnie


Since 2003, creative collaborative Kevin Broughton and Fiona Birnie have used photography, computer manipulation, site-specific immersive installations and painting to construct alternate realities. These dystopian landscapes question the impact technology has had – and continues to have – on the systems and structures we use to navigate, classify, and define our world.

The Style and Concept Behind Broughton and Birnie

A conceptual approach and collage aesthetic threads through their recent work. The duo explore internet browsing via disparate fragmentation, colliding visual narratives, and graphic paint marks. The resulting expressionistic images – harnessed from collaborative unplanned edits and erasures – become metaphors for contemporary life and modern states of mind.

Exhibitions and Projects

Broughton and Birnie have shown works at Thames-side Studio Gallery, Rum Factory Project Space, The Crypt Gallery, The Portico Library Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, and the Royal College of Art. They also have pieces in collections in the USA, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the UK, including at the Royal College of Art in London.

Selected Works

Sickert Rider by Broughton and Birnie

Sickert Rider

Paintings - 45x45 cm
Bather 2 by Broughton and Birnie

Bather 2

Paintings - 36x26 cm
Tie Monkey by Broughton and Birnie

Tie Monkey

Paintings - 101x81 cm
Figure in a Landscape by Broughton and Birnie

Figure in a Landscape

Paintings - 96x86 cm
Nocturnal Explorer by Broughton and Birnie

Nocturnal Explorer

Paintings - 107x86 cm
The Adventurer by Broughton and Birnie

The Adventurer

Paintings - 91x66 cm
Red Carpet by Broughton and Birnie

Red Carpet

Paintings - 36x26 cm
Bather by Broughton and Birnie


Paintings - 41x31 cm

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