Fabio Giorgianni


Fabio Giorgianni was born on the slopes of Mount Etna, on Sicily. From a very young age, he developed a passion for drawing and painting. At the end of the 1980s the artist moved to Turin to study architecture. During these years, Giorgianni experimented with various visual forms of expression and pictorial-graphic techniques that eventually matured into a highly personal style in which he blends elements of his ethnic roots with a contemporary approach.

A passion for the East and for Japan in particular, led him to research martial arts, yoga, meditation and spirituality; elements that influence many of his works today. While a continuous search for new impulses has resulted in a juxtaposition of realistic representation with graphic abstraction.

Giorgianni's works develops continuously as a result of the ever changing influence of his natural environment. The subjects of his works range from volcanic landscapes, painted in different seasons, to the Sicilian hinterland with its sunny wheat fields, from mediterranean gardens to urban landscapes. The artist’s goal is to evoke an ever-changing range of emotions in the observer, to invite them to get lost in the worlds he creates, and to enter that magical dimension of realism.

Selected Works

Volcanic landscape by Fabio Giorgianni

Volcanic landscape

Drawings - 52x32 cm
Summer wheat fields by Fabio Giorgianni

Summer wheat fields

Drawings - 35x50 cm
Volcanic Landscape by Fabio Giorgianni

Volcanic Landscape

Paintings - 115x94 cm
The fog by Fabio Giorgianni

The fog

Drawings - 35x50 cm
Trees by Fabio Giorgianni


Paintings - 46x58 cm
Last snow on the crater by Fabio Giorgianni

Last snow on the crater

Drawings - 35x50 cm
Last snow by Fabio Giorgianni

Last snow

Drawings - 35x50 cm
Lava desert by Fabio Giorgianni

Lava desert

Drawings - 35x50 cm
Pink sea by Fabio Giorgianni

Pink sea

Drawings - 35x50 cm
Autumn landscape by Fabio Giorgianni

Autumn landscape

Drawings - 30x40 cm

The last bend of the road

Drawings - 50x35 cm

Evening in the garden

Drawings - 30x40 cm

Dead trees

Drawings - 33x25 cm

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