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      Marita Tobner


      Marita Tobner is a German artist. Her mixed media artworks (painting, graphic and linocut) are in national and international collections, and she received art prizes in Ulm, Leipzig and Kitzbühl. She received her training at the Ulm School of the Artists' Guild and the Art Academy in Esslingen and is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery Bad Mergentheim, Gallery Inspire Art Dresden and Gallery Alpha7 Weisweil (Germany).

      The sometimes difficult realities of life for one half of humanity, women, repeatedly plays an important role in her work, and she describes this as her "overarching theme". However, the artist does not work with a directly enlightening gesture, not in a political-agitational manner, but relies on the ambiguity of her material, which can only give hints, so to speak, not explanations or direct messages. This corresponds to our perception of reality, which results from the immediate sensory perceptions and at the same time from set pieces conveyed by the mass media, mixed from our experiences and memories as individuals, but also as species. Marita Tobner does justice to our fragmented, fragmented, inconsistent view of the world by assembling her images from many layers, from disparate fragments of material. In the end, coherent images are created which, despite their different formal, content and material levels, appear as a unit, as a whole and thus also stand for the longing for a holistic world view. (Gallery owner Reinhard Koehler, Gallery Kunstpool Ulm)

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