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      Kory Alexander


      Using the striking imagery that is abundant in the California landscape, queer artist Kory Alexander creates dreamy paintings that are flooded with vibrancy and movement. Kory considers himself a naturally curious person, and a wallflower at heart. In turn, his pointed observations result in paintings that overflow with rich colors and juicy textures.

      Kory’s work is an expressive depiction of quiet or intimate moments, all taken from his personal memories, fantasies, and ultimate desires. He often indulges in daydreams of nostalgia, and chooses to paint scenes where he can find pure bliss. His hope is that others who view his work will experience the same for themselves.

      As a child growing up in Texas, Kory’s fondest memories are spending the summers under the wide-open sky in the backyard swimming pool and family vacations to Florida beaches. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in the Arts & Technology program from the University of Texas at Dallas, Kory made the move to Los Angeles, where he fell madly in love with the historical architecture and diverse culture that make up Southern California.

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