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Juliet E P Gibbs


Somerset-born Juliet E P Gibbs is an artist currently living and working in North West London. With her charcoal drawings, sketches, and oil and acrylic paintings, Juliet explores the contrast between the organic and the human-made. Her close-cropped and large-scale botanical paintings stand out for their lush palettes of forest greens and metallic hues.

Juliet E P Gibbs’s Early Career and Influences

Juliet graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Falmouth University in 2018.​​ Through her artwork, she investigates the direct impact of humanity on nature and how nature fights back. Juliet creates an interesting tug-of-war to explore this age-old conflict; we see the organic breaking into unlikely spaces. Or, conversely, the synthetic colonising the organic. Glass-houses host exotic plants that do not belong on English soil, while vines wrap around concrete foundations and plants dangle from steel girders. Translucency and 'between-states' also play a part in Juliet's paintings, with mirrors, windows and glass motifs infused into the background.

Awards and Projects

Juliet was the Winner of The Biscuit Factory's Contemporary Young Artist Award 2019. She was also involved with the National Portfolio Organisation, UK New Artists (UKNA), as part of their Nottingham City Takeover in 2019. UKNA took Juliet to China and Korea to help curate an exhibition in an abandoned food factory near Shanghai. Chief curator at Saatchi Art, Rebecca Wilson, hand-selected Juliet for the 2019 Saatchi Art ‘Invest In Art’ report.

Selected Works

Plant Sketch I

Paintings - 31x26 cm


Paintings - 102x92 cm

Concrete Interior

Paintings - 65x62 cm


Paintings - 46x67 cm

Grass on The Platform

Paintings - 61x66 cm

From The Glasshouse

Paintings - 71x62 cm

Inverted Corner

Paintings - 31x26 cm

Morning In The Philippines

Paintings - 66x76 cm

Common Fig

Paintings - 61x76 cm

Plant Study: Up Close

Paintings - 31x26 cm

Fig Leaves

Paintings - 61x71 cm

Pink Leaves Against A Window

Paintings - 31x26 cm

Plastic Ray

Paintings - 132x106 cm


Paintings - 57x42 cm

Berlin I

Paintings - 90x145 cm

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