Yangyang Pan

Yangyang Pan is an abstract painter whose practice is rooted in the spirit of oriental culture.
Yangyang takes inspiration from optical cues, her emotional state, and the contrasts found in nature.
Yangyang has worked for Apple, Amour Vert, and Anthropologie.

Born in 1976, Yangyang Pan is an abstract painter whose practice is rooted in the spirit of oriental culture. The artist is widely recognized for her gestural paintings focused on the contrasts found in nature. Her work reflects Yangyang's artistic journey through a dramatic and polychromatic visual language that is completely her own.

Yangyang Pan's Early Career and Education

Yangyang Pan studied at the Sichuan Fine Art Institute. She received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in 1998, followed by her Master of Fine Art in 2002. She remained as an instructor at the institute until 2006, when she immigrated to Canada. Her paintings, bold in composition and exciting in gesturality, draw from her experience living between Western and Eastern worlds.

Style and Process

When painting, the artist takes natural optical cues and infuses them with spirit and spontaneity sourced from emotions within. In this way, her painting process is highly intuitive. There is a musicality to the splashes of colour and saturated paint marks - both expressionistic in style and passionate in practice. Her works, lyrical and bursting with colour, are a unique blend of idea, desire and talent.

Exhibitions and Projects

Yangyang has exhibited her work throughout Canada, the USA, Italy and China. Noteworthy projects include commissions from Apple, Amour Vert, Holt Renfrew, and Anthropologie. Yangyang's work is in private, public and corporate collections worldwide. She is currently working and living in Stouffville, ON, Canada.

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