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      Luca Raimondi


      Luca Raimondi is an established Italian painter that has built an international base of collectors. Employing chiaroscuro and impressionist techniques, his works result in moving, immersive figurative and abstract landscapes that transmit ideas of ecstasy, peace, solitude, and connection to nature.

      EN PLEIN AIR Luca spent 15 years moving his easel outside, observing real light effects, and being exposed to wind, rain, darkness, midday light, sunsets. Luca Raimondi has studied and trained with Marc Dalessio, and Nathan Sowa, and through years of study and copies of the great masters of the past.

      STYLE AND APPROACH Luca master an impressionistic approach to figurative painting, he tries to be quick, leave marks alone, transferring to canvas his response to what he sees. His abstract work is a pure synthesis of color combinations seen in life. He has a collection of hundreds of quick sketches, made from life, that are his own “library” of light effects. Working on big canvases, up to 2 meter wide, he seeks to evoke light effects in a large scale, and the viewer is often captured, immersed into the painting.

      EXHIBITIONS AND PROJECTS Luca has exhibited in more than twenty solo and group shows. Now his works are found in private collections in Europe, USA, Cina, Qatar. He is represented by local and international galleries, and collaborate with architects on projects where his painting are collected and installed in new home redesign projects.

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