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Christine Harrison


UK based artist Christine Harrison’s expressive abstract paintings are a direct response to the interplay of senses, emotion and place. Observation is distilled into colour and movement, evoking mood and atmosphere. The dance between controlled form and intuitive gesture is a defining element of her work. Figurative work is inspired by landscape and human history. Unusual viewpoints, overlooked details and glimpsed interiors intrigue her as the work becomes a bridge through time. Christine works en plein air to make iPad drawings or small paintings which inform larger work in the studio. She paints in acrylic, creating layers using sgraffito, glazing and the addition of metal leaf, oil pastel or inks. Christine’s practice has focussed on painting, printmaking and mosaic installations for the last 15 years. She has exhibited in several galleries in the UK. In 2012 she was awarded a five-year Fellowship from Digswell Arts, her work was selected for Saatchi Originals and she was a double prize winner at Eastern Approaches exhibition. Christine has work in private collections in the UK, US, Canada and France and she has undertaken both private and public art commissions. Her work is published in the US and has been used in corporate settings and in film.

Selected Works

Windows I

Paintings - 122x152 cm

Flower Garden II

Paintings - 102x102 cm

Interplay VI

Paintings - 35x35 cm

Interplay V

Paintings - 35x35 cm

Interplay IV

Paintings - 35x35 cm

Lumens II

Paintings - 90x90 cm

Jewel Green Lake

Paintings - 91x153 cm

Dreaming of the Sea

Paintings - 102x102 cm

Its Been a Hot Summer

Paintings - 37x38 cm

Interiors V (Quiet a Moment)

Paintings - 102x76 cm

Pink Path

Paintings - 91x122 cm

Flower Garden I

Paintings - 122x152 cm

Estuary Walk

Paintings - 76x102 cm

How driftwood is made

Paintings - 122x122 cm


Paintings - 92x153 cm

Lumens I

Paintings - 122x153 cm


Paintings - 122x153 cm

Watching that Golden Light

Paintings - 106x72 cm

Winter Walks

Paintings - 50x70 cm

Summer Swallows

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Commission an artwork by Christine Harrison

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