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      Hannah Wilson is an emerging painter and draughtsperson known for their unique portraits of girls.
      Hannah takes inspiration from painters such as Chantal Joffe and Tala Madani, also known for their portraits exploring cultural and sexual identity.
      Hannah is continually developing their practice and is certainly one to watch.

      Born in 1995, Hannah Wilson is a painter and draughtsperson known for their distinctive portraits of women in swimsuits. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Hannah is currently studying for an MFA at Glasgow School of Art. Hannah completed their BA at Goldsmiths College and won the Warden’s Purchase Prize in 2016.

      Hannah Wilson's Practice

      Hannah's intimate and illustrative portrayals of women, captured in myriad backgrounds and familiar situations, are imbued with humour and character. Hannah paints quickly and from their imagination rather than observation, using liberal and broad brushstrokes and block colours. Although minimal in detail, the bikini-clad characters have an expansive presence and possess the power to evoke strong responses in viewers.

      Shows and Projects

      Hannah has featured in numerous exhibitions across the UK. To name a few, they presented at the solo show I Don’t Dream Anymore at Big Shop Friday in (2020) and at a self-titled solo show with All Mouth Gallery (2021). Recent group shows include Hope this finds you well, Five Hides and Nice Guys Live Forever, and Be Bold For Change as a part of International Women’s Day. They have also participated in Arts For Health workshops and exhibitions in Milton Keynes University Hospital.

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