Catriona MacKenzie

Catriona MacKenzie is inspired by Judeo-Christian literature and what it means to be human from a Christian perspective.
Catrionia is known for her experimental, expressionist approach to art.
The emerging contemporary artist studied at The Royal Drawing School after receiving an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art.

Emerging contemporary artist Catriona MacKenzie (b.1991, Aberdeen) lives and works in the Cairngorms, Scotland. With a uniquely expressive style, Catriona creates symphonious mixed-media paintings, drawings and photographs. Drawing from observation, memory and imagination, her work explores the interplay between word and image; seen and unseen realities; the epic and the mundane; the sublime and the personal; lamentation and praise.

Catriona MacKenzie’s Early Career & Inspiration

In 2019, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Royal Drawing School (London), having already achieved an MA in Fine Art (Painting) at Edinburgh College of Art (University of Edinburgh). A devoted Christian, Catriona is inspired by Judeo-Christian literature - most notably the Book of Job - and the rich history of Christ. From this stance, she explores the many ways in which what it means to be human has changed over time and how the truths of the Christian view of humanity shape her creative practice.

Experimental Approach

Catriona made the drawing PIFA - pastoral symphony, a spiralling blend of ink, charcoal, soft pastel and watercolour crayon on paper, in direct response to an instrumental section in Handel’s Messiah. Catriona took to the canvas blindfolded, letting the music and her artistic intuition guide her, “uninhibited by the regulating influence of the eyes”. These experimental endeavours are a testament to Catriona’s brave and curious approach to modern expressionism.

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