Masha Keryan

Masha has had a number of solo exhibitions in Boston.
In 2016, Masha won the Barbara Grad Auction award from Massart.
Masha has been featured in publications such as The Armenian Weekly.

Now based in Boston, Masha Keryan grew up between post-Soviet Armenia and Russia. She works mainly in a figurative style, creating oil paintings that push boundaries with their minimalist approach. Many of her works are monochromatic, yet Masha’s masterful use of different shades and hues lends the pieces an intriguing depth. What’s more, the way in which she layers the paint creates unique textures and surfaces. In this way, her portraits uncover new ways to communicate emotions through art.

Masha Keryan’s Career

Masha began her artistic education when she was growing up in Armenia, where she received an academic training that sparked her interest in portrait painting. She moved to Boston, USA when she was 14, and eventually went on to study a BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art. Since this time, Masha has been actively involved in the Boston art community, producing a prolific body of figurative paintings.

Exhibitions and Recognition

Masha has had a number of solo exhibitions in Boston, and has also participated in many more group exhibitions. In addition, her paintings have won her several awards, including the Barbara Grad Auction award from Massart in 2016, and she has also been featured in publications like The Armenian Weekly and The FAD Magazine.

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