Masaaki Hasegawa

Masaaki Hasegawa created the world's largest calligraphy artwork, which measured 1926 square metres.
Masaaki has exhibited across both Europe and Asia, including Japan, Israel and Russia.
Masaaki is an ambassador at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Russia.

Japanese artist Masaaki Hasegawa’s conceptual art transcends borders and genres, earning him success in his native Japan, as well as Israel and Spain where he now lives and works. Masaaki works primarily with conceptual paintings, using his expertise as a calligraphy artist to inform his practice. Impressively, he produced the largest calligraphy-based artwork in the world on top of the Zapadores museum in Madrid, which measured up at an astounding 1926 square metres. A core concept that runs through Masaaki’s abstract paintings is his desire to connect people in the modern world, as demonstrated by his project titled ‘Connect People Thru Art Beyond Borders’.

Masaaki Hasegawa’s Artistic Journey

Surprisingly, Masaaki has not always been involved in the art world. He originally studied business and began his career in the corporate world as investment strategist, before moving to Spain with the intention of studying at a business school. At this time, he changed tack and bridged the gap between the business and creative worlds, studying a master’s in Visual Media Communication that would inform his paintings.


While he may be relatively new to the art world, Masaaki’s entrepreneurial mindset has seen him achieve quick success. His abstract art has been exhibited in both Europe and Asia, in countries such as Russia, Japan and Israel.

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