Claire Newman-Williams

Claire Newman-Williams spent 20 years working as a commercial and editorial photographer.
Claire has shown work in The New York Times Magazine and Time Magazine.
Claire collected old film cameras from the early 1900’s.

Photographer Claire Newman-Williams looks to express emotions, memories and feelings of nostalgia with her work. Often layering her photographs with other materials and images, Claire records scenes of nature with an abstract quality to them. Trees are a frequent subject in Claire’s photographs, as are sparse landscapes and distant forms. Claire gives each of her subjects an emotional and atmospheric dimension as she manipulates colour and texture to form photographs that verge on being otherworldly.

Claire Newman-Williams’ Life and Career

Claire grew up in England and has lived in both the UK and the USA. At the beginning of her career, Claire worked as a portrait photographer before moving to adopt a more artistic and expressive approach. Incorporating text and other found materials in her work has allowed Claire to explore nostalgia, attachment and memory in her work. Claire has shown in exhibitions across the USA and the UK, as well as in publications such as The New York Times, Time Magazine and The Advocate.

Style and Approach

Claire uses a selection of old cameras to take her photographs, before editing and adding to them with digital technology. The combination of the old and the new results in images that have no real time-mark to them, and instead exist somewhere between the realm of the real and the realm of the imagined. Haunting black and white elements merge with translucent layers to form mystical impressions of natural landscapes.

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