Hottest Interior Trend for 2019

Posted in Art Style Files by Aimee Morris on 19th March 2019

It’s officially Spring. What better time to bring new life into your interior? The design trend we’re most excited about this year is ‘biophilia’, the affinity of human beings with the natural world and other living things.



The term was introduced in the eighties by American biologist, theorist and naturalist Edward O. Wilson, who proposed that human beings have an innate tendency to seek out connection with nature.



According to the United Nations, 60% of the world’s population will live in urban environments by 2030. Biophilic design in the home and the workplace can increase wellbeing, creativity and concentration.



Indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress levels and create a restorative atmosphere. Plus, studies have shown that the colour green increases productivity and sparks creative thoughts.

Here are 5 artists whose work will breathe new life into your interior:


1. Clare Halifax

A Side of Palm by Clare Halifax



Cactus Springs by Nadia Attura

3. Paul Coghlin

Blue Parrot Tulip II by Paul Coghlin


4. Renata Fernandez

DECKCHAIRS SERIES Monotype (Umbrella) by Renata Fernandez


5. Kerry Day

Sedum Rubrotincum #2 by Kerry Day


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