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      Impressionistic Sculptures For Sale

      Discover our diverse collection of impressionist sculpture for sale. We have taken the hassle out of purchasing a new sculpture by hand curating a wonderful and diverse collection of the best impressionist sculptures working today. If you are unsure where to start, explore our popular impressionist landscape sculpture.

      Alexander Grigorev’s October (The 12 Months (2015), replicates the loose, dab like brushstrokes of impressionist painting. The wood and gold leaf material also represent nature and the shiny surface is able to capture the light. This piece would complement any room, as it catches and reflects the changing light.

      History of Impressionism

      Impressionism was an art movement developed by Claude Monet and other Paris-based artists in the early 1960s. The movement was characterised by a desire to paint outdoors – en plein air – rather than in the studio. Meticulous planning and studies were commonly adopted to paint in the studio, whereas in the outdoors, artists were able to capture the subject with a sense of immediacy.

      Many impressionists became fascinated with natural landscapes and capturing the transient and momentary effect of changing light.

      To capture these fleeting moments, paint strokes became rapid and loose, broken into separate dabs, rather than being blended together for realistic representations.

      The desire to capture the everchanging landscape has since then been translated into the art of sculpture through the interest in natural subject matters, as well as a more relaxed approach to method.

      Find out more in our Guide To Sculpture.

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        October (The 12 Months)

        Sculpture - 90x90 cmRent for $ 240/mo

        Nuance Flow

        Sculpture - 18x13 cm


        Sculpture - 29x11 cm