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Zed has always been. He was born with the gift of sculpture. His family does not expose him to art and becoming an artist is far from his concerns. His youth does not look like this Happy Family which constitutes his work. The wise child takes refuge in his imagination and builds this exceptional resilience which will lead him to become an artist. It was at the age of 12, on the beach, that he discovered the potential of the sand; Young adult, clay becomes her confidante. Carried by the need to create, to express by matter his sensitivity, David Zeller remembers: "Small, I sculpts bodies with real size on the sand and later, we fascinated evenings with friends to model characters." More ripe, living in the Antilles, he discovers precious wood and sculpts his first works in an unprecedented instinctive creative emergency. Figurative, sensual, oscillating between an ethnic and classic invoice, they encountered a dazzling success and a few months later, its first auction allows it to be referenced in the artprice files, the world leader for the rating of artists. Zed's artistic career is officially launched. To emancipate his art, he then decides to settle in Italy, by making a hook by his native Alsace: "It was Christmas 2009 and I found myself without a workshop. Without wood. I recovered falls of plexiglass at A neighboring industrialist and I created the Flexo to make art accessible to all. " The unique, quasi-seignaletic silhouette of this sleek character until the essentials, gender, without ethnicity and faceless experiences an immediate craze. The flexo edition was born! By its varied postures, the flexo embodies the multiplicity of our behavior. It is a reflection of our individual identity: both singular, multiple, fluid and shared. From Tokyo to Miami, via Europe, Flexo is present in around thirty galleries around the world. In 2020, Zed launched the Passwords. Worthy heirs of op art or optical art, these paintings of a refined geometric aesthetics which inevitably impact the eye each contain a hidden message dear to the artist.

ZED Artworks

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    Flexo Climber 2 by ZED

    Flexo Climber 2

    Sculpture - 33x19 cm
    Flexo Give your love by ZED

    Flexo Give your love

    Sculpture - 41x16 cm
    Flexo - dancers by ZED

    Flexo - dancers

    Sculpture - 41x15 cm
    Flexo - patience by ZED

    Flexo - patience

    Sculpture - 45x34 cm
    Flexo scène de vie - together by ZED

    Flexo scène de vie - together

    Sculpture - 50x120 cm
    Flexo - par ici le spectacle by ZED

    Flexo - par ici le spectacle

    Sculpture - 168x85 cm
    Flexo - in love by ZED

    Flexo - in love

    Sculpture - 42x16 cm
    Flexo - be a dad by ZED

    Flexo - be a dad

    Sculpture - 78x45 cm

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