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Alex & Manon


Manon Perrier was born in Sarlat (24) on September 24, 1987 and Alexandre Guilmart in Angers (49) on May 4, 1984. Young artists have an atypical and complementary artistic journey. Manon comes from a family of creative craftsmen, this who led him very early to conceive herself. Born in a natural setting, she shares her life between her love of horses and her passion for art. Versatile artist and self -taught, she lives from her creations (earth sculpture, cement, painting and live spectacle) for 10 years, before learning with welding. Alex is passionate about drawing since childhood. After studies of comics at the Pivaut school in Nantes, he travels as many cities as he exercises trades (dealer, magician, illustrator, tattoo artist) before discovering sculpture near his hometown. Future couple meets: Alex participates in a sculpture project with a collective, Manon exhibits at that time. Then Manon learns to weld to Alex and Alex enter the universe of Manon. From then on, they no longer leave each other. For 3 years, they create tirelessly, feeding on each other & nbsp ;; Their creativity explodes. They develop an approach to the original and unique metal, diverting the tools at the service of their practice. They mix their ideas and their knowledge - until they are only one. They very quickly sign their works "& nbsp; Alex & amp; Manon & Nbsp; " without distinction. Curious of everything, their subjects are varied, the vast theme of nature is still imposed as the red thread of their inspiration. Do you have a particular desire? Alex & amp; Manon produces works on order. Do not hesitate to contact us to express your wishes and request a quote.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 170x75 cm


Sculpture - 150x80 cm


Sculpture - 160x90 cm

Poisson lion

Sculpture - 200x200 cm


Sculpture - 120x120 cm

Force tranquille

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

La buse

Sculpture - 45x75 cm

Memento mori

Sculpture - 33x25 cm

Prince charmant

Sculpture - 20x15 cm

Commission an artwork by Alex & Manon

We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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