Wildlife Paintings For Sale

Delve into a dynamic and exciting selection of wildlife paintings for sale. Our team of curatorial experts have hand-selected each and every piece for you to discover an entirely original collection of contemporary paintings. From the abstract to the expressionistic, and the illustrative to the impressionistic, our online gallery showcases a range of art created by emerging and established artists working across the world.…

Wildlife is one of the most enduring and constant subjects throughout the history of art. From the markings that adorned ancient cave walls, to religious paintings, wildlife paintings have long existed as way of commenting on the natural world, faith, or the human condition. With the development of painting, so came the evolution of wildlife in art. From symbolism to science, to decoration in design, animal motifs continue to exist across mediums, styles and genres.

Rise Art artist Dave White has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent wildlife painters working today. From exhibitions in Christie’s to collaborations with Nike, Dave’s expressive and engaging style exists in vast mixed media paintings. Similarly, Zil Hoque looks to create a dialogue within his paintings, in which no colour or brushstroke remains passive. Characterised by earthy tones and a refined palette, Zil’s paintings capture the energy of the wild.

Alternatively, Philip Maltman’s abstract approach explores the ‘littoral zone’, where the earth meets the sea. Philip’s refreshed and unique take on wildlife painting seeks to capture the essence of nature, with all its chaos, vigour and spirit instilled into any one of his paintings.

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