Dog Art For Sale

Browse our selection of dog art for sale. Dog art is highly valued in cultures around the world and has been created by artists for many centuries - not least because dogs are our closest companions. Dogs are also symbolic of ideas we as humans hold about ourselves. Want to buy dog art and not sure where to begin? Kick things off by perusing our Dog Drawings, Dog Prints and Dog Photography.…

Anna Walsh is one of our artists at Rise Art whose work investigates the relationship between humans, nature and animals. Dogs are featured regularly in her work with Dogs of London being one of our favourite screen prints of dogs.

Representations of dogs in art became more elaborate as the relationship between humans and canines developed. Some of the first depictions of dogs were in paintings created in the middle ages, portraying hunting scenes. Dogs symbolise guidance, protection, loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, alertness and love.

Two of the most famous dogs in art is David Hockney’s Dachshunds. Since 1995 Hockney painted hundreds of portraits of his Dachshunds Stanley and Boodgie as they go about their days, mostly napping or playing.

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