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Bethann Parker

American artist Bethann Parker investigates pastoral narratives of social, domestic and spiritual longing.
Bethann is largely inspired by the stunning greenery and grasslands of Pennsylvania.
Bethann recently received critical acclaim for her 12-foot-tall, 26-foot-long printing press installation, made from 365 Times newspapers.

American artist Bethann Parker investigates pastoral narratives of social, domestic and spiritual longing. The artist, who lives and works out of the rural Mountains of North East Appalachia, stands out for her expressionistic oil paintings and landscapes.

Bethann Parker's Education & Scholarships

Bethann attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Pennsylvania and participated in the Certificate Program at The Barnes Foundation. Bethann was also the recipient of The Fred and Naomi Hazel Art Scholarship, The Richard Von Hess Travel Scholarship, and twice awarded a Venture Fund Grant for her project proposals. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and, more recently, the Voice of America.

Style and Practice

Inspired by the grassy landscapes, trees and wildlife of Pennsylvania, her rural depictions such as Sequential Season suffuse self-awareness and purpose. Bethann's paintings are expressive and multi-textural and demonstrate a certain contemporary edginess. Simultaneously, these works are somewhat evocative of post-impressionists Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gaughin as well as the fauvist Andre Derain. The result is a charming blend of nostalgia, both for the natural world and classical artistic gestures.

International Projects & Exhibitions

Struck by the intensity and isolating reality of COVID-19, Bethann decided to process her feelings about news events using alternative art therapy methods. Instead of tossing her daily newspapers after reading them, Bethann turned them into 365 different artworks. With a year's worth of Times newspapers, the artist created an installation structured to resemble a 12-foot-tall, 26-foot-long printing press.

Selected Works


Paintings - 20x27 cm

Sequential Season

Paintings - 30x38 cm

Whipping a Catamount Cloud

Paintings - 20x20 cm

Light with a House

Paintings - 41x51 cm

Eye of the Sky

Paintings - 61x76 cm


Paintings - 41x51 cm

Float On

Paintings - 25x25 cm


Paintings - 25x25 cm

Straw Man

Paintings - 30x38 cm

Blue Mountain

Paintings - 23x31 cm

Fox Hunt

Paintings - 61x122 cm


Paintings - 30x41 cm

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