Dog Photography For Sale

Explore our selection dog photography for sale online today. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Dog Paintings, Dog Prints or Miguel Vallinas Prieto. Miguel Spanish photographer whose images of animals defy expectations. His collection ‘Second Skins’ shows animals dressed up in typical human clothes in an attempt to show our animalistic nature. Included in this series is a black Labrador in Labrador Portrait Number One.…

The relationship between dogs and humans is perhaps one of the most celebrated in the world, earning our canine companions the title of Man’s Best Friend. This special relationship has meant that dogs have always figured strongly in all kinds of artwork, from the hunting scenes of the middle ages and Renaissance to 19th Century portraits of wealthy patrons and their dogs. The dog has come to represent many different things in art, including protection, faithfulness and love between humans and their animal companions. Photography has given artists the tools to quickly and accurately capture images of dogs, adding new and interesting artworks to the canon.

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