Il tempo purpureo del Buddha

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Luca Padroni

Italian artist Luca Padroni creates large scale textured oil paintings that capture chaotic scenes of everyday life and moments in motion. Characterised by dynamic compositions and a figurative style, Luca’s paintings are atmospheric reflections of that which is so often overlooked. Rich tones and impasto brushwork are often translated to mixed media pieces, further enhancing the textural surface of each piece. Luca frequently responds to settings and scenes that are familiar to him, and echoes this familiarity in his titles, encouraging a deeper understanding of his work.

Luca Padroni’s Early Life and Career

Born in Rome in 1973, Luca spent his childhood travelling, visiting countries such as Mozambique, Sudan and Namibia. After leaving school, Luca moved to the UK to study at the Slade School of Art, where he was taught by the likes of Frank Auerbach, Euan Uglow and Bruce McLean. In 1996, Luca won a scholarship to study at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago before returning to work in Rome. The urban frenzy of Rome’s transport system intrigued Luca, inspiring his series of paintings documenting fleeting moments of trains, cars and human chaos.

Exhibitions and Awards

In 2010, Luca was a finalist in the Terna Prize, and his art is currently showing in a host of public collections across Italy, including the Municipal Museum of San Gimignano and the Capitoline Museums in Rome and the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula. For over 25 years, Luca has shown his paintings in solo and group exhibitions internationally, from galleries in Rome and Naples, to New York, London and Russia.

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