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      Woodwisp 2

      Paintings20.0 x 15.0 cm?
      Artwork size

      Artwork physical size measured as height by width by depth. Artwork purchased with a frame will usually be 5cm (2.5in) longer in each dimension.

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      Elizabeth Jardine

      Elizabeth's work explores the ways we connect to our environment; how we belong. She finds it important to have a physical experience of place in an increasingly dislocated world, undertaking long walks and expeditions, immersing herself in a paradoxical activity of being there, while passing through.

      Her work provides a meditative space where viewers can be drawn into their own journey.

      Elizabeth has recently relocated to the South West after completing an MFA in Fine Art at UAL Wimbledon. She graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2003 with a BA (hons) in Fine Art.

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