La fille aux yeux fermés, 1917

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Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt remains one of the most iconic artists of the Art Nouveau period. Klimt's artistic legacy endures through his recognizable style, his golden touch, and his emblematic artworks whether they are paintings or prints, which embody the fin de siècle aesthetic.

Born in 1862 in Baumgarten, near Vienna, Gustav Klimt was the second of seven children. Klimt had humble beginnings, but his exceptional artistic talent earned him early recognition. A complex man, marked by his commitment to artistic independence and his eccentric personality, Gustav Klimt emerged in a culturally vibrant Vienna at the end of the 19th century.

Gustav Klimt co-founded the Viennese Secession, a radical artistic movement that rejected academic conventions in favour of originality and innovation. Gustav Klimt's life was as fascinating as his artworks, marked by his eccentric personality and complex relationships with women, who often served as muses for his most famous artworks.

Gustav Klimt is famous for his bold use of gold. Works such as The Kiss (1808-09) and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1903-07) feature surfaces covered in gold, creating a luxurious and mesmerizing atmosphere. This use of gold by Klimt was not merely decorative but rather a symbolic expression of the idea of transcendence and spirituality. This use of gold is also particularly significant to Gustav Klimt's art style, and has made Gustav Klimt's artworks iconic to the Art Nouveau period and the Viennese Secession movement.

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