Expressionistic Prints For Sale

Discover a range of contemporary expressionist prints for sale. From cityscapes to portraits, we have a variation of styles available to purchase within our collection.…

A popular expressionist artist is Victoria Horkan. Her pieces, such as Centrifuge, are explosions of colour and energy. The textured effect of her originals (made using acrylic oil and mixed media) is displayed in her prints, giving her work a certain force that escapes from the canvas into the real world.

Work by Dave Robertson would also make a valuable addition to any home, collection or exhibition space. Subtraction No.9 is part of a series of prints made by juxtaposing archival materials and etchings. Robertson weaves together myriad bold, textured colours and mediums to create a unique landscape of tones, tinctures and grains.

An Brief Introduction to Expressionism

Expressionism is a modern art movement which began in the early 20th century. Expressionism in art is the creation of artwork in a solely subjective manner; pieces are radically distorted for emotional effect to represent evolving states of mind, moods and ideas rather than any objective reality.

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