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Anaïs Frébeau

An artist of instinct and the moment, it is in his home workshop at the edges of the Loire that Anaïs Frébeau imagines her paintings full of sweetness and lightness. Drawing both its inspiration from the urban, cultural and graphic universe of the city of Nantes only from its rejuvenating forests and its chops, it innovates and breaks the codes, through its collages, its messages and its brush dictated by the heart , all in subtlety, balance and nuances.
See, feel, feel, transform, touch the colors and palpate the light, here is what has always motivated Anaïs. Passionate about words and gourmet colors, materials in their diversity (recycled papers, packaging, pieces of shot fabrics, etc.) are treasures and an unlimited source of creation. She sticks them on a canvas to see the textures change, play transparencies, the shine of acrylics, the authenticity of the cardboard or the powdery aspect of pastel, so many riches that make the ideas of a color bounce back to a country , from a reason to a memory or a trip to an object. A synesthesia which makes her alive and which gives all her joy to her creations.
With its series "Forests of paper", Anaïs chooses to restore the tree its original verticality by integrating bands of recycled paper with its paintings. The paper life cycle is completed and the tree regains its natural nobility through art in an eternity of beauty.

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