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Evgeniya Zolotareva

"Evgeniya Zolotareva is a cz based fine art artist, specializing in abstract art. She finished art school and earned a MgA. of arts degree at the university in 2006. Her artwork should have the opportunity to" speak for itself "and do not need a decorative frame, but free space. She tend to create a dynamic abstraction which gravitates towards. The shapes of her paintings are often in tension and trembling. They need to expand further. Her Paintings are focused on emotions and Intuition, understanding shapes and colors , which shown throughout the creative process. She sees every project as a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation ".
Publication" The World of Interiors ", Vogue House (UK)

She is exhibiting internationally and in the Czech Republic. Her work is in private collections in the France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia and last year she was exhibited at the STAINER Gallery, Vienna and participating in ART BASEL Art Week in Miami, USA.
Among her recent publications, Evgeniya has published articles in magazines such as THE WORLD OF INTERIORS, VOGUE House (UK) and at ART TALK magazine (UK).

Today she is happy to create art works by making an evocative story through colors, textures, patterns and forms that are full of beauty, peace and adventure, and more importantly soul. Her paintings are more about emotions and intuition, which helps and leads her through the whole creating process.

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