Volute et volupté

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Amélie Noël

Amélie Noël is a Bordeaux painter. Self -taught painter, it is in the art world that she identifies and graduates in BTS graphic design. His studies allow him to open artistically and find his way. A subtle mixture between graphics and figurative painting was therefore born, giving rise to a very popular artistic versatility. Amélie Noël now collaborates with wallpaper and textile agencies.
During her trip to Australia in 2020, Amélie developed her brushstroke, giving all her time for creation. The tropical landscapes quickly become its center of interest and Asia further influence its creations. She lets herself be guided by the creation process without knowing where she is going beforehand but looking for accuracy and balance, with a touch of poetry. Her aspiration for the trip pushes her to explore all the possibilities: panoramic wallpaper, painting, illustration, photography. A creativity sensitive to representations of an idyllic naive world. "I am looking for my El Dorado. It is a fight with my desires, my feelings. My palette naturally leans towards dark tones, the contrasts on my paintings are more important. I thus attract the eye on elements to bring out only the essential. " Amélie Noël

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