Cubism Art For Sale

Explore our Cubism art for sale. Cubism is an early 20th Century avant-garde art movement that revolutionised European art. For historians it paved the way for abstraction in art and inspired Futurism, Constructivism, Dadaism and Surrealism. You can buy cubism art for yourself right here at Rise Art – just take a look at our Cubism Paintings, Cubism Sculpture or Cubism Drawings for ideas.…

Alexander Grigorev's Postsuprematism series of sculptures is some of the finest works of cubist art in our collection. Alexander was born in Russia, and spent most of his childhood and adulthood living in different parts of the Asia, Russia and Europe, where he’s found inspiration for his work.

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Cubism art can be identified mainly by the artist’s reduction of natural forms to their geometric equivalents. This was brought on by the idea that one object can be seen from multiple viewpoints, which also explains the fragmentation of cubism art. The term was first used when Henri Matisse described George Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque’ as being made up of little cubes. But, it was Pablo Picasso’s work that showed the influence of African art forms and marked the clear and sudden change in style, historically.

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