Les voyages du vent 1

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Francine Scrignac

"Passionate about the abstract expressionism of the 1940s and 50s, I like to refer to the sentence of Franz Kline:" ... a person who wants to explore painting wonders naturally: how to be as expressive as possible in my work? Then the forms develop ”.
It translates the orientation of my expression well. It is decisive to desecrate aesthetics to let yourself slide to the most intimate. The painting is self-sufficient ... Paint ... Paint ... P.E.I.N.D.R.E. Every day, for hours ... passionately! My head remains empty of thoughts, it fills with colors, features, appearances, accidents ... " -Francine Scrignac
On the canvas, Francine Scrignac chooses to keep some of them, deletes others; Forms are accentuated, others, subtly covered, become suggestions, shadows, riddles. She explores her own path in a sincere and authentic way. She wishes to represent, neither transmit nor explain ... it is not a question of "making good" but of being moved, of undoubtedly creating a possibility of exchanging, of joining, the pleasure of observing what 'We do not see at first ...
By leaving a part at random and spontaneity in the initiative of her work, such as automatic writing, Francine Scrignac reveals much more than if she launched a mature, thoughtful creation. Proximity to nature, beware of the world, relationship to others, everything that awakens its sensations, its feelings, influences its achievements.
Only one fear, without noticing, lowering your guard, being insidiously going to a pleasant ease. Each canvas must be a risk -taking, strong lines, colors whose proximity is not expected; No softness in the expression, of will, decisions, perhaps errors to look for ... However, no apprehension in front of the white canvas: luxuriance, abundance and freedom like that without complexes of a child.

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