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Dominique Emard

Dominique Emard lives and works in Orleans, he teaches drawing and painting.
His "seen from the sky" canvases are developed from photographs from observation satellites or web-cams. He has always made a particular interest in geography, maps and atlas. It is therefore very natural that he collects these images on the web, where they develop and swarm by billions. They serve him to sketch the structure of his paintings and give its overall tone. Then his work consists in interpreting these photographs freely, digesting their coldness and inhumanity and highlighting their evidence and their paradoxes. Through the thickness of the paint and the color of color, it attributes a materiality they do not have. "I also like to play with their scale, which allows me to implement small and large formats, to confront empty and full, and to advance on the nebulous border; figuration/abstraction."
His choice is generally made on cities or in the footsteps of our human civilization. But he does not select them at random.
"The chosen image must have a graphic interest and that it is linked directly or indirectly to a personal emotion originating a text, a film, music, memory, a" geographic sensation "or a context geopolitical. Painting is an archaic means of extending the life of a digital, super-accredited, super-actual “modern” image. It slows it down, pampers it, bouches it, and in the end, it brings it to silence and to immobility. Painting is one with humanity. " Dominique Emard

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