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Chloé Malard

Born in 1987 in Paris, Chloé Malard began studies of graphic arts at the Emile Cohl school in Lyon in 2006 and then launched into painting and begins to exhibit a series of portraits in 2009. Worked with big brushes at the 'Acrylic, she seeks depth and internalization there. The choice of tight framing and large square formats bring strength and an imposing side.
In parallel, it develops a series of "characters", in the footsteps of the more graphic rendering. The face is always very worked in opposition to the body which, which has remained in the form of sketches, disappears in a composition of flattens and filaments. The universe of these portraits remains mainly influenced by the medium of comics, graphics and illustration.
His latest works stage semi-base landscapes where felt and brushstrokes dialogue to form a complex material. Everything is suggested, in a misty effect evoking the dream. It is an intuitive painting, worked in an aesthetic and balanced research above all. The goal is not to distinguish but to be carried. In this series the man is still present but drowned in the elements, becoming an integral part of the landscape. It is only matter among matter.

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