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Fanou Montel

"Fanou Montel's abstract paintings are perfectly balanced compositions with mainly angular shapes building up complex surfaces. However, her disciplined way of structuring each new abstract world is not rigid. The eye moves easily from one section to the next and the shapes are linked together in a serene but dynamic rhythm that leaves the viewer open space to look, contemplate and imagine.
With a unique sense for harmonious and resonant colour palettes, Montel's analogous earth tones and subtle shades of grey welcome the remarkable shades of sophisticated reds, yellows, blues and greens.
Among the juxtaposed forms, our eye often encounters recognisable elements alluding to a tree or a building; elements that quicken our imagination and make Montel's works even more perceptive. As the artist herself describes it, the works are "legible abstractions".
The recognisable motifs invite the viewer just enough to come and explore the 'landscape'; a welcoming environment in which to rest one's imagination and make each work one's own. Abstract works are often too open to interpretation and the viewer can feel lost. But Montel's canvases offer a perfect blend of freedom and structure, allowing the viewer to follow their intuition and complete each work according to their own personal perception.

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