Explosion de couleurs

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Suely Blot

Impregnated with this double Franco-Brazilian culture for twenty years already, the painting of Suly Blot is multicultural and carries in it diversity. It is from this wealth and this peculiarity that she draws her inspiration and her creativity. To create, it is inspired by several great artists, all from different artistic currents. It is obvious that the works of Picasso, Miro, Basquiat, Richter or Wou-Ki played a key role in his relationship to art and more broadly in his relationship to the world. Abstraction and expressionism are certainly those who have always made it vibrate and transcend it. Undeniably, his painting is tinged with these influences.
In general, his canvases are highly colored. It always starts with colors. They are the first elements it affixes on the canvas and follow the seasons. It takes up the aesthetic particularities of each of them to reveal an imaginary and very personal world. In spring for example, it mainly uses pastel colors. In summer, on the contrary, warm colors like yellow, red or orange are more present.
"I like to discover and understand the mixture of pigments between them. How is one color, once mixed with another, can give a whole range of possibilities? It is as well by working on the shimmering and lively as cold and soft, that I manage to create a whole color chart which is clean to me. Each table is an invitation for the spectator. I bring it into my universe imbued with energy, light, doubts, insurance, calm or harmony." Suly Blot
Then comes the time for materials and textures. This is an incredible phase in which she leaves beaten track. Without ever wanting to lock up in a unique style, she is looking for new forms of expression. This involves mastering mixed techniques. His art is a subtle mixture between painting and writing. She uses acrylic for her compact and relief side. The pencils, the knives or even pieces of wood help him bring out the details. They create all the "scratches", as she calls them, which are none other than movements, scriptures. As for pastels, they force him to measure his gesture. To be precise and delicate. They arrive at the very last place. They are his final touch.

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