La brume

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Sylwia Avola

Inspired by nature, Sylwia Avola's favorite theme is the landscape, and more precisely the trees. His works oscillate between figuration and the abstract.
A career dedicated to art
Polish painter artist, Sylwia Avola goes to France after her bac A3 (ceramic specialization) to learn French language and culture
In Lyon, the artist discovers the world of textiles, which pushes her to study at the school of applied arts.
After 11 years of experience in drawing offices in Lyon as a designer of patterns for clothing and furniture fabrics, the artist feels the need to evolve towards a more personal artistic practice.
In parallel, it develops a plastic arts teaching activity. She works with children of all ages (from kindergarten to high school) and with adults. Today the artist divides his time between the Beaux-Arts lessons and his work as a painter.
Nature and its atmosphere at the heart of its achievements
Always inspired by nature, the favorite theme of Sylwia Avola is the landscape, at the heart of works located on the border of figurative and the abstract. In her works, she does not try to reproduce an objective reality.
What she sees and feels is a starting point to express an emotion, an atmosphere, a feeling. The artist is attracted to colors, to overwhelming light or on the contrary by a nightfare.
Particularly interested in trees, seen from afar or closely, rights or twisted, naked or filled with foliage, the artist is looking for an atmosphere, a particular atmosphere depending on the seasons or moments of the day.
Sylwia Avola painted in a spontaneous, fast way to capture a moment. His painting mixes chance and mastery of gesture, materials and techniques.
In the same table, the artist uses both painting, liquid ink, thick acrylic and drawing, using chalks and markers.

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