Oxygene 1

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Daniel Berkovitch

Daniel Berkovitch is an artist who wants to witness his time.

At the beginning of the 21st century, marked by a major climate challenge, the position of man in front of his environment is part of his words.

The painter stages states of balance and imbalance. The former refer to nature; The latter are marked with human intervention, often invasive or predatory. The concepts of intrusion, interaction, transition, fragmentation or disappearance are evoked. The signal is often present, hitting the canvas in an almost peremptory way.

In its own pictorial language, the artist offers human spaces and human construction, sometimes very simply mentioned. However, a form of aesthetics and sensitivity remains present.

The series “Between concrete and oxygen“, suggests plant spaces, compared to architectural and industrial constructions, more or less coherent, generated by our civilizational choices.

"Break in ice" is a series of paintings that show the cold beauty of Patagonia glaciers who split and disintegrate under the effect of global warming due to a consumer world economy, the latter being mentioned by disadvantaged structures.

Seabed, also sometimes exploited for industrial purposes, also offer a subject of reflection to the artist.

Technically, the canvases are treated with flattened of frank colors, in order to assert the subject. The funds come from often personal images, reworked to make complex stencils.

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