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Marie Christine PALOMBIT

She does not remember it but Marie-Christine Palombit had to be born with a pencil in hand! At the age of seven, fourteen and sixteen, his budding talent is already spotted and rewarded during fairs, competitions, festival thanks to his mother who does not expect her daughter to present her work. This tall shy will never leave more pencils and brushes to express itself. She finds the complementary rigor to her creativity in the interior architecture that she will exercise for ten years until her meetings with Ben Ami Koller and Gérard Bignolais who will push her to present her work in galleries and trade fairs . We are in 1991, and Marie-Christine traces the first loose from the continuation of her history. The body, the movement, the woman nourish the work of Marie-Christine. Obviously for this lover of others whether they are from here or elsewhere. Even obviously the creation of his “Artcorpus” workshop in 2005 at the gates of Paris, in Montreuil. More than a space dedicated to its production, it is a real interactive and abundant place of artistic creations, an essential step during the open doors of Montreuil. This is where two directors will film the amplitude and generosity of Marie-Christine's creative gesture. In 2007, an in -training film featuring its plastic work "to have a body or the creative gesture" under the direction of Bernard Monsigny (France 2, Special Envoy, Pro CD, etc.) in 2015, Marcel Nakache realized " In the light of the gesture and the line "during a scenographed session where the artist produces with his model his" organic calligraphy ".
Sophie Verchère Founding of Cout an artdemarche
Following my exhibition "Wild Women" of 2015, in the form of an installation-through, a meeting pushes me to go in Arizona in the United States to join forty women, walk together in the desert, practice Amerindian rites with the Navajos Indians And follow the teaching of "ho rites". My return, nourished by these unique and initiatory experiences, I create a series of twenty canvases of 140 x140 on paper that I will maroufle on canvas. The restitution of this trip gave birth to a book that will be released in October 2020 at the editions "The Woman's Woman at Beard".
I incorporated fluorescent pigments into my painting and these works have a double reading. Those in daylight symbolize what we perceive from the immediate form of material manifestations and others, which require black light, reveal another more underground reading and detached from reality, suggesting a more secret version, that of our unconscious territory.
Since then, I have implemented a series of five canvases of 220 x 210 on the theme of the hero's journey (Monomythe proposed by Joseph Campbell) and continues to perfect my gesture and my technique of letting go through my calligraphic and monotypes achievements as well as my photographic shots that I call "poached humus".

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