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      Art 101

      3 Hot Interiors Trends for 2018 and How to Get the Look

      Get ahead of the game with the 3 trends that are set to take interior design by storm in 2018.

      By Aimee Morris

      Every interiors guru knows that Pinterest is where it’s at when it comes to the biggest trends and hottest looks. We’ve decided to help you get ahead of the game by bringing you 3 interior design trends that Pinterest has identified for the new year. So what’s in? The colour sage apparently. As well as statement plants and oversized artwork. And we’ve got the perfect pieces to help you get the look. Let’s get trendsetting.



      It’s less about the spice, and more about it's colour. Forget ultra violet, the grey-green of sage is where it’s at, and these artworks will introduce it with serious panache.


      Image credit: My Scandinavian Home on Pinterest


      Get the look with these artworks...


      Elizabeth and the Blue Balloons by Vikram Kushwah


      L'espace by Roseline Al Oumami


      Leisure Island by Kirsten Lilford


      2. PLANT DECOR

      More and more people are decking out their homes with plants. Who doesn’t love a good succulent? If your green fingers aren’t up to scratch, try one of these delicious botanical prints.


      Image credit: thedesignchaser.com on Pinterest


      Get the look with these artworks..


      Tropical Geometry by Reed Hearne


      Crassula Argentea by Kerry Day



      Searching for the Regina Hotel by Ben Thomas Taylor



      Go big. That’s the message we’re getting from the trendiest of Instagrammers and Pinterest users. Fill that wall - don’t be shy, big art is a big look. And our curators definitely agree.


      Image credit: PUFIK Online Magazine on Pinterest


      Get the look with these artworks...


      Hello Andy by Stella Kapezanou



      Nuvola Ameriqua by Francesco Polazzi


      Hangover by Iidu Tikkanen


      Browse our collection of new works for the new year >>



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