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        Tightening the Belt in Style with The Frugality

        Alex Stedman describes herself as a fashion editor, blogger and realist. Living in the big city is expensive. Sometimes impossibly so. But being frugal doesn't mean you have to compromise on style.

        By Rise Art

        Living stylishly on a budget. That's the name of the game for Alex Stedman, fashion stylist and founder of The Fruglity blog. Rise Art catches up with Alex to learn about the role that art and design play in her life and work. 



        Tell us about yourself & what you do.

        I'm a freelance Fashion Stylist and I work for magazines and online marketplaces. I also  style for commercial brands. I have a blog, which I've been running since 2012.


        What inspired you to start The Frugality?

        I was, like most people in the magazine industry, earning a low wage and working many hours. I kept seeing blogs with fashion insiders holding £1000+ handbags and I thought, that's not the reality. I struggled every month until payday and only ever had enough money for High Street clothes and the occasional splurge. I told a lot of my friends about my idea to start a blog with a more realistic, affordable approach and they all said 'I'd read that'.


        Freckled Flamingo by Alexandra Gallagher


        What inspires you in your work and life?

        Everything really - instagram, magazines, galleries, the tube, London, Hotel design etc. I'm always screenshotting pictures, reading articles and thinking about colours, concepts and ideas.


        How do you work art and creativity into your daily life? 

        My life and work are both so creative, so I find it quite easy - though my brand overtakes a LOT. I love watching old films, galleries and sometimes just a lovely walk along the Thames.



        Hidden Agenda by Erik Bendix


        Is art & design important to you? If so, why?

        I'm a creative, so art and design have always had a huge impact on my life: in the way I lay out my blog, curate my Instagram, how I design my home and how I decide a page needs to be laid out at work. It keeps you on your toes and helps generate fresh ideas.


        Have online art galleries changed the way you find and buy art?

        It has definitely made it more accessible, and it's easier for my husband and I to browse for a joint purchase. I love it when they show how the art might look in a room too.


        Erika by Hannah Adamaszek


        Do you have a favourite artist and/or museum?

        I love Tate Britain. It's free and so much quieter than Tate Modern. And its expanse of art is so vast, from J W Waterhouse to Bridget Riley... my favourite piece there is Hockney's 'Mr & Mrs Clarke and Percy'.


        Do you collect art or anything else? 

        I have a few signed prints but that's about it. My favourite is my Ben Eine 'Change' print.


        Change by Ben Eine


        What's your favourite travel destination?

        Japan – we honeymooned there and the culture blew us away. We went to Matsumoto (where Kusama was born) and saw a huge retrospective which was fantastic. I'd love to visit their 'Art Island' (Naoshima).


        Who do you follow on Instagram?

        I like LucyWilliams02 and Andysinger.


        And So We Fall by Rebecca Mason

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