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      Art 101

      10 Abstractly Inspiring Works

      Stray away from the recognisability of realism and embrace your curiosity by inviting the mystery of an abstract piece into your home.

      By Antoinette Genevieve

      Let's face it, abstract art can be a love hate thing. It can envelope you with it’s warmth, or displease you with its lack of direct figural connection. Whether you're a fan or not, you can't deny that it's grown to become almost inescapable - both indisputably eye-catching and represented in most, if not all, museum collections across the globe. Since its art world debut and emergence, abstraction has faced many critics, namely those who do not understand its origins or cannot wrap their mind around the value of a piece of art engineered specifically to eliminate humanistic elements. How do you know when an abstract work of art is worth a grain of your time? Just wait for it to move you...

      Abstract art is versatile and open, with infinite possibilities. The freedom it begets is far beyond the limitations and regimented ideas of design or artistic interpretation of other genres. Join me as I explore 10 abstractly inspiring works of art by emerging contemporary artists.


      1 Searching for Lost Knowledge, Michelle Hold



      Connected | San Diego, Yuliya Martynova

      Poetic geometrical impersonation of the crowded cities, San Diego in this case. What a wonderful way to enjoy your city and find some serenity in the madness of it all.


      Soft Moon, Fintan Whelan



      Scatter #2, Jenny Core



      Georgia, Aisling Drennan






      Orb Ref. M151, Mark Beattie


      Want a fun way to add abstraction to your life? Get a sculpture. This globular work by Beattie is a wonderful example of the implementation of geometric shapes in an abstract manner.


      Waterlines #6Kimberly Poppe









      About the Author

      Antoinette Williams is an independent art consultant, curator, and writer, Antoinette is an enthusiast of art of all media. Holding a BA in Art History and MA in Fine and Decorative Art, she has been a contributing writer for Or Does It Explode MagazineFresh Paint Magazine, and Artfetch, (now joined with Rise Art). She currently divides her time between San Diego and New York.

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      Twitter: @awilliams87888

      Instagram: @antoinette_8788


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