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6 Ways to Bring in Art for a New Year, New Room & New You

It’s the time of year when everyone has the best of intentions for life changing New Year’s resolutions and positive transformations. Here are our 6 ways to bring in art for a new year, a new room, and a new you!

By Rise Art

It’s the time of year when everyone has the best of intentions for life changing New Year’s resolutions and positive transformations. We set our sights on a fresh start and the optimistic changes we’ve put off for so long, only to find ourselves flailing after the first week. But at Rise Art we don’t believe in putting ourselves under too much pressure, rather we opt for the art of wellbeing. And the best way to achieve that? You’ve guessed it. By uplifting your spirit and home, and bringing some creative energy into your life with a new artwork. It’s well known that the presence of art can reduce stress by calming the viewer, and it can connect with people emotionally to elevate your mood and bring positive changes to your environment. So here are our 6 ways to bring in art for a new year, a new room, and a new you!


1 Add Some Greenery

Mariona & Alvise, £750

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There has been a lot of talk about the colour green lately following Pantone’s announcement of their colour of the year for 2017, and we love to bring the outdoors in and add a bit of Greenery to our homes. We mentioned the colour green for its association with nature and its ability to create a grounding and stabilising environment in our article called Colour Me Happy last July, and we stand by it.

Left: Grey Grow Green by Bruce Mclean, £700

Right: Iced Tea by Abigail Box, £300


2 Tranquil Tones

Meditation VI (Warm Sun), £3,900

Shop Trudy Montgomery's Works >>

Set yourself up for the new year by surrounding yourself with some calming tranquil tones. Create an ambience of contemplation and reflection with these works that will help you float away. Still canvases and dreamy abstracts that emit quiet musings will help bring some balance back and transform your room into a den of zen. 

Left: Migration | Edging Forward by Yuliya Martynova, £1850

Right: You Say... by Gugi Goo, £600


3 The Art of Escapism

Ramshackle, £2,000

Shop Daisy Clarke's Works >>

There’s nothing better at this time of year than dreaming about faraway exotic lands, tropical worlds, vibrant atmospheres or cosy warm corners, and you can take that bit of fantasy home with a work that brings a sense of escapism in. From a little bit of Hygge to artworks that will take you around the globe, there’s something for all of your escapist desires.

Cancun Blue, £650

Shop Tommy Clarke's Works >>


4 Monotone Mood

Eyes of Ice, £2,385.81

Shop Claudio Larrea's Works >>

Last month we wrote about the new modern classic photographers who are leading the charge in this timeless genre. Creating works that are beautifully serene and often created in placid tones or black and white, they create a quiet, sleek, stillness that exudes composure and creates a soothing atmosphere. Try these for a pared back, monotone mood.

Left: Exiled from Our Past, £250

Right: Eppur Si Muove, £125

Shop Geoffrey Ansel Agrons' Works >>


5 Because I’m Happy…

Mysterious Sky 214, £950

Shop Jinsheng You's Works >>

Sometimes you just a need a piece of art that puts a smile on your face and makes you happy – and that shouldn’t be hard! For a little added inspiration and an instant lift in your spirits go for colour, light subject matter, humour and a free for all sense of joy! There are plenty to choose from, we previously published 5 Artworks to Inspire and these are my top picks to bring some cheer for the new year.

Left: The Upper Sky Flyer by Victoria Horkan, £3,800

Right: Sojourn by Corinne Natel, £1,500


6 Remind Yourself with Words

Change (Artist Proof), £1,000

Shop Ben Eine's Works >>

There’s nothing like some positive affirmation from a meaningful piece that you identify with, and some artists really do say it best with words. Mixing street art styles with contemporary pops of neon colour, these are some of the coolest ways to make a statement at home and turn your mood around.

It's Complicated, £220

Shop Rebecca Mason's Works >>

Wait and See, £2,975

Shop Nikki Hare's Works >>


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