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Hand Cast Flowers form Beautiful Mosaics

New York Based Artist Kevin Champeny's work dazzles in its detail

By David Smith

Kevin Champeny "What Remains"

"What Remains" From Above

"What Remains" Detail

"What Remains" Detail

"What Remains"


"What Remains"

Kevin Champeny in his Studio

Kevin Champeny in his studio

Ok, So we have all been overwhelmed in recent years by Artists take on skulls, death and religion. Damien Hirst's "For the love of God" probably takes the cake, selling for a reported £50 million to a collective including the artist himself. We thought we were done with skulls, but couldn't take our eyes off the work of New York based artist Kevin Champeny's recent work titled "What Remains"

The artist uses over 35,000 hand-cast urethane (resin) flowers to produce this epic, 6ft x 4ft masterpeace. 

More of the artists work, involving candy, gummy bears, glass, and yes, flowers, can be found on his blog. Thanks to Colossal for the discovery.

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