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Artists continue to find new and innovative ways of showcasing the environments we live in. Check out a few of our favourite city inspired works

By Rise Art

Earlier this year, we came across the works of Stephen Wiltshire, a brilliant UK artist that draws detailed cityscapes from around the world based entirely on memory from fleeting glimpses of the city. Born autistic, this artist has spent much of his life silent, communicating mostly through the medium of ink. His intense focus and precise memory allow him to re-create accurate and detailed cityscapes that capture the flow, energy and chaotic nature of the city.

Stephen Wiltshire in his studio

Given recent trends towards pop art, and mass produced art churned from factories, it is great to see artists like Stephen creating handmade, delicate drawings of the world around us. If you like Stephen and his work, be sure to check out these other artists who capture the essence of the city in their drawings and prints.

Chris Shaw Hughes: This Bloomsburg New Contempories Artist creates brilliantly detailed etchings of landscapes, buildings and cities in turmoil. Named as on of the Top 5 artists to watch in 2012 by London's Independant Newspaper, his work is in collections worldwide.

Chris Shaw Hughes - Totem


Edd Horder: An artist focused primarily on Screen Prints, Edd has put together a wonderful collection of drawings based on London's best known landmarks.

Edd Horder - National Portrait Gallery

Chris Jelf: A documentary photographer who has travelled the world with his camera, his images of cityscapes are fragile, distant images that belay the calimaty and turmoil of what lies within. 

Chris Jelf - Manhattan

Stephen Walters: Creating beautiful drawings and landscapes of cities set out to challenge our expectations, Stephen's work explores the ideas of beauty and desire within confined spaces

Stephen Walters

Stephen Walters - Southwark

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