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Is it art? The Rainbow Sponge

Art can often get a bad rap. But sometimes it is deserved. The Rise Art team charter the murky depths of bizarre creative practices and ask the ever important question "But, is it Art?"

By David Smith

Artists are always looking for the latest tools to help craft their latest masterpieces. But sometimes promoters get a bit carried away with their craft. In this video, somone we can only identify as 'the rainbow sponge lady', gets very excited about a new, cutting edge artistic device. Check it out below. And you call this art?

Now we're not sure if that was art, and we are defintely sure that it doesn't compare with artists using color and imagination in abstract paintings.

One artist we love who actually is hand painting brilliantly colored and meaningful abstracts is Tahnee Lonsdale. The UK artists painting combines classical abstract and contemporary techniques that draw the viewer into her universe. Influenced heavily by the writings of Murakami, Tahnee leaves clues throughout her work in barely visible charcoal text which hint at the meaning of the work. And no, she doesn't use a rainbow sponge.

Helmet Head by Tahnee Lonsdale


Echo Park by Tahnee Lonsdale


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